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Botyel Plus +/Synthetic Latex Bladder

With the continuous endeavor to provide excellent quality products with its exhaustive efforts, continuous research & development Paradise Rubber inds. Has once again come up to serve the export oriented sports industries with an absolutely new innovative patented quality of bladder. The brand name of this bladder is ‚ÄúParadise‚ÄĚ.

» Air Retention Report

It is having following outstanding salient features:

  • A It is introduced for the first time in the world, employing special synthetic materials.

  • B It is made of 100% synthetic polymer. No blend or laminate process is used for manufacturing.

  • C It is a seamless body bladder, which imparts perfect spherical shape to the ball.

  • D Air retention property is as good as butyl bladder and much better then any bladder conventionetlly available.

  • E It is 100% import substitute of butyl bladder at a competitive rate and assured supply rate.

  • F Bounce properties is better then butyl bladder and comparable with any conventional bladder available so far.

  • G A new unique method of valve fixation is adopted which imparts excellent joint, even at extreme temperatures and minimal rejection due to valve leakage.

  • H It is having a decent elongation at break, with low modulus. Thus it provide better physical properties.

  • I Last but not least it is prepared by dependable experience and expertise of Paradise Rubber industries which is serving the sports goods export industry since last 30 years.

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