Botyel plus Bladder

We are the leading BOTYEL BLADDERS manufacturers of Punjab

Paradise Rubber has once more emerged to provide the sports industries that are export-oriented with an entirely new unique patented quality of bladder as part of its ongoing commitment to providing great quality products through its extensive efforts, continual research & development. “Paradise” is the name of the bladder’s brand.

Synthetic Latex Football Bladder

Synthetic Latex Rugby Ball Bladder

Salient Features

  1. By the use of unique synthetic materials, it is debuted for the first time ever.
  2. All of the material is synthetic polymer. Manufacturing doesn’t involve any blending or laminating.
  3. The ball has a flawless spherical shape thanks to the seamless body bladder.
  4. The ability to retain air is superior to conventionally available bladders and on par with those made of butyl.
  5. It is a cost-effective and supply-guaranteed replacement for butyl bladder that is 100% imported.
  6. Better than butyl bladders and on par with other traditional bladders now on the market in terms of bounce qualities.
  7. Using a novel technique, the valve is fixed in a way that ensures a strong union even at high temperatures and less rejection from valve leakage.
  8. It has a low modulus and a respectable elongation at break. As a result, it offers better physical properties.
  9. Last but not least, it is created using the trustworthy experience and knowledge of Paradise Rubber Industries, which has been working with the export of sporting products for the past 46 years.