latex Bladder

We are the leading LATEX BLADDERS manufacturers of Punjab

We are manufacturing Natural Latex Bladder since 1981. we make these bladders using the best quality 60% centrifuged Latex .All the chemicals used are grinded to a particle size less than 5 Micron so that we get bladders free from kin holes. The Latex bladders we make have the best soft feel and resilance so it makes most suitable for match quality balls. Our Latex bladders have perfect speharical shape with gauge variation from Tok to Bottom Less than 0.10mm. Each & every bladder is taste for possible desires under light before and after have pasting and also under water for any possible leakage. We material have strict quality control system vigne from imput to finished product to ensure consistant quality bladder

Latex Extra Strong Bladders for Football

Latex Extra Strong Bladders for Rugby

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