SR Bladder

We are the leading SR Bladders manufacturers of Punjab

SR Moulded bladders are made using natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber. These are best suitable for machine stiched balls. It provided better air retention propertige as compare to natural Latex bladder. These bladders are less elastic as compared to Latex bladder. They are manufactured by in using moulded process these enable it to offer better shape. This property enables then not to create much pressure on the stiching part. More over the weight offered for these bladders is more in comparison to latex bladder and you get a price advantage using these bladder. Similar cut of latex bladder cost more in comparison to SR moulded bladders. For size-5 Football bladder variable cut ranging from 90gms to 200gms in available. Heavy weights of bladder are possible. This process enables to provide heavy weight bladders as compared to latex bladders. This heavy weight bladder in more cost effective over a latex bladder.